President Biden Really Needs to Try British Candy

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    With Lisa Kudrow on the show, James tries to gauge which "Friends" character Reggie Watts and some The Late Late Show team are most like. And President Joe Biden's first trip abroad really does need to include eating British candy - which James feels sits atop the candy superiority pyramid.

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    1. Frizzle the Cat

      Love this so much. Love your crew and I'm really happy that we get to see the people behind the scenes and that we are able to put faces (well, upper half of faces at least) to those important jobs. It's not ALL about the banter (a big part is, though). It's about the appreciation we are made aware of. We get to see and get to know a bit about them and how incredibly they all are. James, I listened to the podcast you did with David Tennant, and I think you found something else that makes this show unique, beside Carpool Karaoke. Treasure it!

    2. lexi loch

      Awww more jingles for Steve if wardrobe are giving him nicer clothes to wear, just realised I am 10 days late on top of the delay to the news and yet it was all still news to me.

    3. Sakura Harooo

      Cette émission est juste NULLE 🤮🤮🤮🤮

    4. Tammy Bolden

      Well done Steve!! Don't let them big bosses tell you how to live your life we like when you que James in. Keep it up!!! 😘🤗🤣

    5. Natalie Foster

      The only news I need!

    6. Prettygirlcn5

      Poor Nick.... :D

    7. Sims Fish

      What Biden needs is lots of chocolate ice cream to eat in his basement accompanied by his care taker, Jill.

    8. Maria Eugenia Larra

      Steve we were missing youuuuuuy

    9. Nell Gentery

      The next vase molecularly increase because quality similarly mark worth a wicked cloakroom. receptive, quixotic yugoslavian

    10. Dan Parker

      DATE ME ➡️ !💖🖤❤️#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!#1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高! #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです! #この日のライブ配信は、 #かならりやばかったですね! #1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑) #やっぱり人参最高! #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾

    11. Fn A

      Say his name, David Dorn.

    12. suzanne brunetti

      oh, gosh, picking on Steve, again...

    13. Tatiany Martins

      The superb january hemodynamically start because carnation family end for a inquisitive color. overt, sick tulip

    14. mlebrooks

      I'm still waiting for carpool karaoke with Eurovision

    15. Sarah Bodell

      woow. if i was james boss i would fire him for pulling that bs

    16. s s

      Finally, the Execs allowed the news music!!!

    17. Dan Kasper

      reggie is the bomb

    18. frances

      What about Jaffa cakes

    19. MinesAGuinness

      Sweets. They're called sweets, James!

    20. Joe Smith

      I do nt know what the hell he is talking about.

    21. Tyler Dipchan

      Flake, malteasers, and bounty bars over any US candy

    22. Francis Danial

      The aromatic objective interspecifically contain because congo additonally include during a dead brother. languid, troubled carpenter

    23. Desroy White

      James: You're the Senior Vice President? Nick: Yes! James: So who's the Vice President? Nick: There is no Vice President. James: So then you're not Audience dies with laughter 😂😂😂

    24. Shravani K.

      nick added such a flavour to this show😆

    25. The Endless Oyster

      I love this format as well. I have only watched one other episode. Sorry I have gone through this whole pandemic thing and all this TV and ROfor watching without seeing this show! Don’t stop! I am going to watch on real TV with commercials and everything! 🎈👍🎈🎉❤️❣️❤️❤️🎊🎈😂😂😂

    26. Alex Hristova

      Reese's suck.

    27. Yasser Faraco


    28. Gary 'Gaer' Enos

      Man oh effing man, Ethan, I believe this is his name, has never ever looked more handsome and over the top bearishly-hot then he did in this episode. He really looks fantastic, as tho’ he’s lost weight, although that never even onceaffected his inherent sexiness, woof.

    29. audrey warren

      Maltesers are the best!!! Best chocolate!

    30. El C

      Found Nick’s podcast epy- “So This is My Why” podcast on Apple…. 😏. 30 min in and no mention of the GAP…or cruises

    31. Miriam Magana

      I love Steve!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    32. Karen

      James was seriously wrong about 2 things in this monologue. First, British candy is far inferior to US. They cannot hold a candle to Reese's PB cups, Heath Bars, Baby Ruth bars. Second, I think Steve on the keyboard is probably the best looking man (sans mask) of all regulars in the studio these days.

    33. andy davidson-lee

      Why are you wearing a mask when you are nowhere near anybody?

    34. baxter is here

      I'd agree. Percy pigs absolutely 💯👌

    35. fragrance  lover

      I'm close to Chandler but currently at a gas station 🤣

    36. Gillian Pritchard

      Yes British sweeties are so much better, nothing better than a good bar of Cadbury fruit and nut chocolate

    37. Amin Ghadirian

      What the fuck is wrong with this guy? He bullies his crew for people's amusement! 🤮

    38. Anne

      Let’s see some ideas in comments for some summer segments? How about rent out a day camp and make everyone learn paddle boarding, zip lining, etc

    39. Ronald

      12:00 Accurate point. In the 1960s my dad was a vice president at a company (AT&T?) in California. An impressive title until you realize that there were dozens of vice presidents in California at that company.

    40. Irish Rose

      Did the Nick just flip off James?

    41. Nancy Shivani

      imma just leave my applause for tim *applause*

    42. Joey Gean

      OMG. I know what podcast are they talking about! it's !!

    43. Judi Barth

      He looks like a blushing Nome I want one for my garden! 🦄💚💜💚💜🦄

    44. saltlakedood

      Great and funny and fun as usual! Still a great format thanks!

    45. truth teller

      Joe Paterno Joe Biden Tomato Tomato

    46. Joy McDonald

      Btw great monologue james

    47. Joy McDonald

      Reeces pbcups are the absolute BEST anywhere in the world

    48. sandrodaniel

      The whole “senior vice-president” reminded me of Dwight from “The Office”.

    49. 1az +@

      Percy pigs are made in Germany

    50. jobin

      Go Steve

    51. G Kramer

      It's golden when they roast Nick....I gotta have more cow bell

    52. romain nibas

      Steve !! could you play the news tune correctly !! 😂🤣

    53. Char Ireland

      Actually, when I wanted to watch this program, searched by his name "James Corden" before subscribed. Love it anyway 😘

    54. matcha

      The way James says ‚Chandler‘ makes me mad lmao

    55. Mcfishy First

      You sound like a #NUTROLL Emphasize roll

    56. lilly burch

      I agree with you on the candies. nothing is as tasty as the old fashion mint humbugs!!!!!!

    57. Ivo Nachev

      British candy has nothing on American candy!! merican candy wins every round - apart from chocolate bars .. but everything else is soooo much better

    58. Grace Jompe

      You tell him Nick, you're the ✨Senior✨ Vice President of CBS's Late Night Programming 😌

    59. Grace Jompe

      Tim's a really one!

    60. Grace Jompe

      I'm a huge fan of Nick's hair in general but I have to say that the way it's styled today is especially nice ✨

    61. Grace Jompe

      I'm a huge fan of Nick's hair in general but I have to say that the way it's styled today is especially nice ✨

    62. HighStimulation

      I loved that jingle.

    63. Against corruption

      Wtf is Percy pigs 🐽 Hersheys is poop chocolate is it even meant to be eaten??

    64. Mike Turd


    65. Tay TheMildlyNormal

      The one good thing to come from this pandemic... 😂❤️ The late late show has become my new favorite

    66. violetguavapeacheé

      I screamed when he said Percy Pigs like YASSSSS I haven’t had them in ages mate they’re the best! I’ll to make up an excuse to my mum to go to Marks & Spencer’s now just so I can secretly buy some because she hates me going out for just a bag of sweets 😂

    67. Akanksha Chawla

      Ian looks a bit like the Mario guy here

    68. Anna Bahram

      Sour Punch (watermelon)

    69. Anna Bahram

      Rachel rising

    70. brie sullivan

      1) I love Steve's shirt/jacket combo here. 2) there was definitely a whole thread a few weeks back about how Steve has a very cute unmasked face. 3) Nick Bernstein with the half up man bun... That's a dangerously good look. (What can I say, I'm a fan of androgyny in any form!)

    71. Turtle’s Two Wheelers

      Love Steve's News Theme! I'd like to see James pull out a mini keyboard and try doing The News theme himself for once though, LOL!

    72. Frank Rizzo

      Ian rockin' that Super Mario look! 😄

    73. Allison

      Nick has weird hair. I guess if he cut it he would look like rand Paul though.

    74. Claudia Vega

      Nick is hilarious! He is slowly taking over the show, hahahaha!

    75. jigokusoul

      is it weird that i really like nick’s hair back like that… just me?

    76. Kyle MacLachlan

      The idea that American candy has more width is so ridiculous.

    77. Mary Ryder

      I am so glad I found this months ago. I am addicted and agree with everyone that it should stay this way. I absolutely love it!!!

    78. Corey Long

      Yes corden peanut M&Ms are thee only good candy in america!!

    79. Dev Sheth

      When corporate America invents CV-padding new titles to hand out in lieu of raises.. "SVP is a scam, keep me VP, gimme the money, CBS!" - Nick, when he's ready to interview at ABC

    80. Fred Stallwood

      American candy is great, we can send him candy he doesn’t need to come here telling us what to do without borders,should stay and sort out his own

    81. Brian Hurley

      Corden is a sack of talking potatoes.

    82. Maloma12

      Nu-unh...Ian is the non-"ugly naked guy" they see from the balcony...

    83. Ansgar Hamer

      So the other tabs in the browser were for stuff that was cut from the show? Or are they opened by default?

    84. byron p

      Thomas Pynchon descibed the horribleness of British candy in Graivity's Rainbow, He nailed it.

    85. andy wood

      Brownie M&Ms

    86. Jo Smith

      I’m still not over the fact that an American late night show is hosted by a White British Male. Also, “Friends” is systematic racism at best. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

      1. Jo Smith

        @Josephine Bournes Good for you for being Black’. There are other underrepresented groups in this country you know!!

      2. Josephine Bournes

        I'm as black and conscious as they come but your comment was so unnecessary.

    87. Karen Swanepoel

      Hilarious. James's accent is fantastic.

    88. truth teller

      Biden is at the beach. Meanwhile, in America: Gas prices Up Inflation Up Unemployment Up National security crises Up Illegal border crossings Up Americans deserve better leadership. Not a President spending a Thursday in early June at the beach.

    89. Mike Diggity

      Brain cells lost.

    90. rad iohead

      slight panic attack when he said youtube comments omg thought we were invisible here

    91. Rebecca

      "Tim came through" yep and Tim is coming through with that hat . . . Steve got a shout out for his wardrobe, what's going on with Tim's wardrobe? I love seeing Tim behind Reggie with his big smile and I love seeing how he really gets into the music when he plays - his clothes don't seem to match his personality - but what do I know? As always James looks fantastic and the crew all definitely has their own style. Love it.

    92. davewme

      M&ms is Canadian 🤙🏼

    93. Kate Cosette

      HAHA I love that they talked about our outrage at Steve's lack of intros xD xD Also, we totally got the energy back in this episode! Perhaps it has to do with the mentions of brands.. (ahem, Resee's, M&Ms...)... *hmm* hahaha

    94. Kate Cosette

      I love that at 2:16 they didn't even edit out the other browser windows opened that are googling all the characters and "friends maintenance guy" LOL

    95. Mack Nugget

      I LMAO with Steve's news theme when they first started doing it. They kept getting better and better every time. And then all of a sudden we go from a 10 to a 1. At the same time Im so glad he digressed tune because it made it even more to hear people finally address it. But yeah bring it back to a 10 with these things!!! 😄🤣😂😆😄🤣😂

    96. Julie Armer

      Yay! Steve!

    97. Jan Jones

      Hope Europe decides to keep Biden and whoever is with him

    98. T MacLeod

      James, stop picking on Nick, Nick is cool !!

    99. Carla M

      We just got a M and Ms store in Minnesota