Lisa Kudrow & Clea DuVall Would Love to Chat w/ Their Pets

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    James welcomes Lisa Kudrow and Clea DuVall to Stage 56 and asks Lisa about her experience making the "Friends" reunion, and Clea tells them about the time she prank called Matthew Perry. And James asks them about their shared experience of growing up in LA's San Fernando Valley, and the two share stories and photos from their childhood. And the "HouseBroken" stars share how they wish they could just talk it out with their pets sometimes.

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    1. Omnifarious Channel

      Lisa is so honest

    2. Danny Dorko

      not keen on clea duvall...

    3. Rebecca Whiting

      Love Clea and Lisa! Looking forward to seeing where Clea's directing career goes.

    4. better secret

      I am a very, very christian straight woman and I would have lost my mind if someone FORCED me to 'bring/dance with a boy or else..'. 😒 Even God gave us more personal freedom than that, ridiculous

    5. wendy pan

      How come only Lisa is doing the media tour?? I love you, Lisa! Definitely love love love Phoebe.

      1. OliviaRowland

        Because Lisa is on because it’s around the time she’s doing a new project. It just happens to coincide with the recent Friends reunion.

    6. Tragic blossom

      How Ironic.. Lisa Didn't have and Friends.. but did Series called FRIENDS and now has Bunch of them for Lifetime..

    7. lola brini

      if anything that story shows how mathew perry is such a likable person, instead of being angry and belligerent: he called back asked about her life and how she was doing etc

      1. Zox

        i love himmmm

    8. Jinx Itty

      The lyrical shell counterintuitively smoke because haircut immunologically connect without a secret arrow. bright, cowardly bangle

    9. sindy mace

      I went to prom in a tux..small town 1994 and for 20yrs no one could be gay and was able to do so at all. Now the city has several gay kids so I hear

    10. Burhan Abbas

      How cool is lisa😍😍😍

    11. adslzr

      Is it just me but James is really coming out as a great interviewer? I actually prefer him over the two Jimmy's. Frankly, both Jimmy's have a tendency to talk over people and prioritize humor over the insights of their guests.

    12. Brianna Rene

      So girls who like girls all have a baseball card huh 😭cause I have a little league card and my softball cards too lmaooo

      1. Brianna Rene

        @sindy mace Dang you're missin out cause softball is fun

      2. sindy mace

        No. Not true

    13. stivaro

      100% STILL have a crush on Lisa!

    14. Mon H

      GET LORDE ON UR SHOW NOW !! she just dropped the album of the Century !

      1. Mehseen Shabashkhan

        she just dropped a single for it, the album is yet to come

      2. Katie Rose

        Omg what??? Thank you for writing this comment!!

    15. hiii yooo

      I love lisaaaaa

    16. Maisy Taylor

      Day 1, James kidnap one direction and put them in a room to sing night changes

    17. MaineScare

      I love both of these ladies, and their stories are hilarious and poignant....really great interview!!!!!

    18. Alanah Chambers

      Hi, James, I love her styles and I really want to go to his concert, but I also want him to come to my birthday plus my favorites song by him is kiwi

    19. Elaine O'Hara

      Clea duVall comes across like an arsehole! Hardly smiled. Lisa felt on edge and uncomfortable because she was as dull!

    20. Jayden Bryant

      Smelly cat

    21. Ashkan Yousefi

      6:55 Lisa Kudrow: " I'm gonna pop some tags... "

    22. Frida Mørch

      So Lisa doesn’t age...

    23. layal alshataf

      I love the vids that u do with harrry styles I watched alll of them 10time no joke

    24. KathRN

      Not the best of shows. Ian looks great, and to equate him to an unkempt, overweight man in an ill fitting boiler suit was an insult. Likewise, saying Steve looks better with his mask on. It's time for Nick to head back to his corner office to polish his name plaque, so everyone can see how important he is. I've never watched Friends, and don't intend to start now, so the rest of the show was lost on me.

    25. Kayla Quinn

      Hulu keeps recommending Housebroken to me but I've had no interest until I heard this. That's way deeper than I thought it was.

    26. Sbkcool

      Big mac

    27. Leslie Ramirez

      I love Lisa!!!

    28. be yourself brave

      This Clea such full of herself, whatever, who cares gal 🥱🥱🙉🙉

    29. N Hoff

      He probably stayed on the phone because it was a teenage girl. 😂

    30. Carol

      5:17 i had a graduation 2 years ago where i had to bring someone from the opposite sex or we couldn't dance either. 2 years ago.

      1. misscrackwood

        That is so sad we're still there T__T I wish all the teens could bring whoever they felt comfortable with :(

    31. Carol Freitas

      since happiest season i will watch anything clea duvall writes and/or directs

    32. Angeleth Jacob

      Lisa Kudrow's beauty is unrealll!!!

    33. Andrew Christopher

      Phoebe Buffay

    34. Pak De

      Those chairs look so uncomfortable.

    35. Derek's Ho corner 2013

      James cordon Lisa Kudrow & cle a Duvall love great to chat sound Have dog myself awesomeness job interview

    36. HMV

      As a dog owner myself, I'm really excited about this show!! 😁Especially since I LOVE Lisa's voice 😍

    37. Annika Wettle

      Lisa's laugh 🤗

    38. Ehrlich Keit

      Lisa ❤️❤️❤️ Love You From Germany 🇩🇪

    39. Sarah Pelletier

      The Video is really good and great

    40. 81imbored

      The friends reunion they was bunched up like a nyc subway now it’s sit away from each other like detention

      1. TravelWell

        Have a think about why that is.

    41. Denir Ferraz

    42. Itsjonobcool

      I love Lisa, she's so funny.

      1. Kallen868

        My favorite Friend!

      2. Denir Ferraz 🎼🎤🎼🎤

    43. ArgChica

      Hello if Matthew doesn't know her from her awesome characters...especially in Veep then he needs to get with the program 😄😄 I

    44. Gia Afshar

      wheres the show streaming late late night

    45. rebeca prat

      The show sounds great having a dog myself cant whait to see how it goes

      1. Denir Ferraz 🎼🎤🎼🎤

    46. Tommy Boy

      Just shows how Hollywood still very much White Privileged...

    47. Tommy Boy


      1. Amy Reynolds


    48. Brainheart

      Hey dear person that's reading, we don't know each others, but I wish& pray for you all the best in life ❤️ You don't even know how precious your life is, so never stop Smiling because it's precious. Go forward in life; and smile.. Love from a small ROforr❤️

      1. JessieAmber123

      2. Denir Ferraz 🎼🎤🎼🎤🎤

    49. Zara ox0

      God i love lisa😍

    50. Fran Micallef


      1. JessieAmber123

      2. Fran Micallef

        @Kimberly Jeanne I'm a new stan of clea but other than her hair- she looks basically the same🤸‍♀️

      3. Kimberly Jeanne

        I don’t think Ive ever seen her with her hair this long

      4. Denir Ferraz 🎼🎤🎼🎤

    51. RadioGoodGuy

      Six foot distance is great but the wide angle shot of all three looks like they're separated by six yards!

      1. Denir Ferraz 🎼🎤🎼🎤

    52. Grady Harper

      Ponders and Wonders if Lisa Kudrow took Gwyneth Paltrows Reccomendation on the $15,000 24 kt. Gold Lelo Inez Adult toy

    53. Monky Dollqueen

      Amzing vidoe dud

    54. Monky Dollqueen

      Amzing vidoe dud

      1. TravelWell

        Do you mean ‘dude’ and do you mean ‘dudes’ because the show takes a lot of people to make it.

    55. Daniel Duvalle

      James Corden, Sandwich Artist

      1. Denir Ferraz 🎼🎤🎼🎤🎤

    56. Alissa Bauza

      What time is it in the show?


      I really really love this show 😊💜.

      1. Denir Ferraz 🎼🎤🎼🎤🎼

    58. Shenuki Wijesinghe

      Is no one gonna talk about how Lisa looks ??! SHES JUST GORGEOUS!😭😍

      1. Denir Ferraz 🎼🎤🎼🎤🎼

    59. Karma Tsokey

      Love ur show

    60. Kaveh Dadgar


      1. Denir Ferraz 🎼🎤🎼🎤🎤

    61. KHAMIS Mohamed


    62. Karma Tsokey

      Love u

    63. Катерина Таро


      1. Denir Ferraz 🎼🎤🎼🎤

    64. KHAMIS Mohamed

      Hi I love your videos

    65. Sarah Salim


    66. Bts Kurd


      1. Denir Ferraz 🎼🎤🎼🎤