It's Time We Come Clean About Our Studio

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    It's time we come clean: our production and stage has been in a secure underground bunker - that's not really Los Angeles behind James's desk. After James drops that truth bomb, he shares his life's biggest regret. And he also has an incredible nickname for peacocks.

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    Each week night, THE LATE LATE SHOW with JAMES CORDEN throws the ultimate late night after party with a mix of celebrity guests, edgy musical acts, games and sketches. Corden differentiates his show by offering viewers a peek behind-the-scenes into the green room, bringing all of his guests out at once and lending his musical and acting talents to various sketches. Additionally, bandleader Reggie Watts and the house band provide original, improvised music throughout the show. Since Corden took the reigns as host in March 2015, he has quickly become known for generating buzzworthy viral videos, such as Carpool Karaoke."

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    1. Jesse Roberts

      Reggie wearing a Nitzer Ebb shirt is awesome

    2. Talle

      Can there be a playlist from these clips. Would love to bingewatche.

    3. MyFavourites1

      I wish I couldn't play this. *plays* It winds me up. 😂😂😂😂😂

    4. Borken Hani

      The Great Late-Night Ensemble, the one and only Late Late Show!!! Love you all!!!

    5. Borken Hani


    6. Borken Hani


    7. EJ Vitez

      I watch for specifically for Pete. Best in the business.

    8. Zion Aguilar

      I can’t believe they’ve bamboozled me all these years

    9. Momof2Boys

      I go down the rabbit hole of ROfor watching people pop pimples

    10. Karen Paige

      2 words: disco turkeys. I'm still laughing 🤣

    11. William Temple

      DCI on ROfor I can watch it for hours

    12. Mke Chandler

      They actually only got back half the amount because bitcoin value had gone down recently. If the company would hold it in bitcoin for a few years they'd make a lot of money

    13. Jennie Kreiner

      I so want to work there

    14. Lef Germenlis

      I'll teach you piano James Corden :)

    15. Milena Aliza

      5:43 immediate Zayn Malik flashback ....

    16. Brianna Rene

      Y'all better not stop listening to us in these comments, this is the only late night show most of us wait for now. This feels...generic again almost 😭

    17. Frank Rizzo

      I remember Ian on the Wrecking Ball at Chelsea Lately! 😆 She had a lot of great comedians on that panel!

    18. N.Z. S

      O.k.. writers, let’s put some effort into Steve’s intro. It’s a bit in of itself now. It has legs, help Steve walk it. Some serious funny opportunities there if mixed with his musical creativity.

    19. Im Right U’re Wrong

      Ok. Which executive did this to the show? Off with his head

    20. Patti Drier

      Love Reggie’s laugh.

    21. J

      2:55 did he say cu*ts...

    22. Random Name

      I love this show but I wish James would talk at a normal volume. The constant projecting/yelling is a bit stress inducing.

    23. Nancy Shivani

      Where is the news intro music?

    24. stivaro

      Wait, at the end. Is that Peabrah or a Zebcock?

    25. Tahtahme's Diary

      Canned cocktails are the BEST! 🤗💜

    26. Michelle Barry

      Disco turkey - they can come to Oz and hang out with our Bin Chickens.

    27. Lys D

      A love a dropped beer on camera, it's like an Australian mating call.....

    28. foreversocal

      The Disco Turkeys jam is 🔥

    29. Dan Witzke

      That was an amazing peacock noise, honestly

    30. Jesse Gonzalez

      ill cry when the audience returns. this intimate setting is what sets this show apart from Kimmel and yk the other dudes

      1. Rebecca

        I know. We all feel that way but you know at the end of the day CBS doesn't really care - they're going to do what they're going to do. They have their reasons . . . I love this format tho it's more like a reality show. If CBS doesn't do a late night reality show with a format like this some other studio eventually will I bet.

    31. Nathan Lehn

      “Don’t give it all away.”

    32. Nathan Lehn

      THE NEWS *no music* 👁 👁 💧

    33. Nathan Lehn


    34. Maddy Sinclair

      watching them talk about going down youtube holes while I'm in a youtube hole

    35. Chelsea Zollinger

      *James and Reg talking about cutting back time spent on ROfor* Me: *wondering how many Late Late clips I've watched this morning*

    36. Glorious Exceptionalism

      The news music bed 😞

    37. Mike Mohler

      The xenophobic stop hypothetically groan because oxygen family irritate pace a nervous news. important, three almanac

      1. olga charalambous

        We Russians have cracked your SECRET CODE

    38. James Card

      Lmao nobody watches this show.

    39. Harmon Kenyan

      very sure if alliens exist must have watched these show again!

    40. Harmon Kenyan

      very sure if alliens exist must have watched these show again!

    41. Clyde Harris

      There's so much room for real moments and natural pacing without an audience there. Live audiences tend to encourage lowest-common-denominator approach.

    42. Nisura Perera


    43. Jibril Quincy

      Just pure Love 😍😍

    44. Mary Woll

      Best late show during COVID-19

    45. 3D-4U

      James, please don't spread this FUD. FBI didn't hack anything.

    46. Thibault Sall

      Agreed. No more audience please and bring back the news intro 🙏🏻😹

    47. Joy McDonald

      Agree looks like they are preparing us for the return of the audience. Please DONT the show is amazing and unique as is

    48. Joy McDonald

      They must continue with the pre news banter, its magic. Great show guys

    49. Max Gray

      Wait black swans are zoo worthy? If for whatever strange reason I feel the need to see a black Swan I just go to the river

    50. Sabrina Williams

      The cynical cornet consequentially park because leopard essentially desert through a needless camera. oafish, soggy fold

    51. DJ C

      Hackers wouldn’t have to pay tax on that 2M if they put it in an IUL acct or low interest bearing acct. 😎

    52. Teresita Uy

      You're so awesome James, keep up the excellent job . 💙

    53. Senel Prasad Kuruneru

      Hi, i from 🇱🇰 srilanka

    54. Alexandra Elevazo

      I want the disco turkey as my ringtone 😂

    55. Sherry Ellesson

      Will Reggie ever get a haircut and shave? I have this bizarre suspicion he might be marginally good-looking under all that.

    56. Kelly McCall

      Crocs...missing a sense of danger...hiw about price zero.....both priceless

    57. amina9935

      Yes. Piano/ Sax videos are my to go to on ROfor

    58. Talita Anjos

      I hope they never get an audience back

    59. rad iohead

      and i dont want them to think. his face after that lmfao

    60. Teacher Starpants


    61. maryhazlett

      Your bird pests are peacocks. Ours are Canadian geese.

    62. G

      Well I'm from Sri Lanka and didn't know about the zoo baby boom untill just now😅 That's right, I don't watch local news but I'm here for the late late show news!

    63. Crystal Williams

      Ahh I miss James chatting with the cast…not the same

    64. Leon Rebolledo

      Whaat! Wasn't a real window!! :-) Make sure the dynamics are not lost once the public is back.

    65. living deadgirl

      Keep up the good work James we love you 😍

    66. Willson Victor

      Trading crypto with Expert Jack Olsen has been a game changer for me

    67. Dumidu Handakumbura

      True story on that bit about the Sri Lankan zoo guys. I live next door to it, I know. 😉😂 You guys always make me laugh. Fins up. 👊

    68. Marcy Dow

      "We don't want the audience to think.." ( James ends there)

    69. Luna

      Can we please get the news intro back?

    70. alex martinez

      imagine reading comments praising the show’s format for MONTHS- and then actively changing the format that has people so engaged. this is definitely gonna make the views go down. LISTEN👏🏽 TO👏🏽YOUR👏🏽VIEWERS👏🏽

    71. Denise Parrott

      James, don’t give it away!!! Still laughing.

    72. Denise Parrott

      Where’s the news lead-in ?....

    73. Sensei Logan

      Best show on late night Love you guys Coming from a tech theater back round is amazing that you show “crew” it's amzing

    74. TheChillindude44

      But James did the amazing parody song "maybe I'm a immune" a few months back while playing the piano? is he saying that that was fake then?

    75. Crafting Starts With Coffee

      Missing Steve’s news intro!!! 🙁🙁🙁

    76. Mary Donohoe

      The Great Late-Night Ensemble, the one and only Late Late Show!!! Love you all!!!

    77. james cahoe

      Have longer shots on Hagar

    78. G D

      "You think this is a problem?" hahahahahah

    79. Mindlessmoonchild

      I was here for total immersion of the background, now my world is shattered. If we didn't get Steve's news intro, is it really even news? #FinsUpTour2021

    80. Shawn Hartmann

      Everyone knows, salmon is best paired with Pinot Noirager Greigious Grape Tsunami.

    81. Vicky B

      Covid lockdown made me a ROfor addict!

    82. Ha

      Without Steve's music my night ain't good night

    83. Patrick Schaefer

      Pokemon cards is a great investment. 1st edition base set shadowless Charizard is 300K+ in a PSA 10.

    84. Virginia Tyree

      Where's Steve's News music? Where's Nick? What???

    85. Viana Chambers

      Can you please do a little more banter. Ok fine, a whole lot more. That's the best part of this show.

    86. heidi herrera

      James James. Are you going to explain why Steve didn’t get to do his news intro 🤨

    87. vstendou

      the higher ups really are making a horrible decision cutting so many segments that people come to watch. they’ll end up losing a lot of viewers soon, the vibe in the room just isn’t the same :(( wish they would take more things into consideration instead of just how the show is received to advertisements or different contract agreements

    88. Stephanie Johnson

      You know, more shows need to discuss zoo sex. That’s what’s been missing from the pandemic world vibe these past 2 years.

    89. devin woo

      Where is the news music?

    90. rissa d

      i wil boycot this show if you don't bring back the news intro music

    91. Kate Cosette

      B-But... where was the NEWS INTRO?!?!

    92. Shine On

      Disco Turkeys!!! I will never call them anything but.

    93. Manasa Prasad

      hey hey hey now... WHERE's THE NEWS INTRO AND THE "good evening." ?

    94. Colette Dill-Lerner

      disco turkey

    95. ewelin114

      Can we have a video on all Steve' s news intros please? Like all of them since he did the first? That woul be great.

    96. Helén Classon

      killer snails

    97. Rebecca P

      Ayyy, they brought back the music!

      1. Rebecca P

        But took away The News music :(

    98. Nico

      Give this guy the Late Night crown for sure. The whole studio kills it almost every single recording

    99. Viola Parker

      I didn't even know he was doing the news until halfway through. Where's the music? Where's nick? What's going on?!?

    100. Kayla Quinn

      James' voice when he was imitating someone reacting to the internet outage was adorable and my favorite. "What's HAPning!!?? Why isn't is WORKING!?" The best. 😂