Can These Late Late Staffers Sing? w/ Emily Blunt

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    James Corden and Emily Blunt meet a lineup of Late Late Show staff members who all claim they are singers. After a round of questions, the "A Quiet Place Part II" star guesses who she thinks is telling the truth.

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    1. The Late Late Show with James Corden

      Update: catering has improved!

      1. seesawentertainment

        @james cordon hire me! I can sing ;)

      2. Luthien S

        Oh thank jeebus Garlic knots!!!! Damnit... Wait... wrong Late show.

      3. Lili G

        Thanks for the update!?

      4. Bold Workz

        Yeah Ernie!

      5. Mankete Moroka

        Where are the new episodes? 🤔

    2. Angelina

      Note to myself: don’t read the comments before watching the video.

    3. Adiba Salam



      go stream Drag Me Down if you're reading this.

    5. André V. Souza

      Ernie missed the opportunity to sing Hello Julia

    6. Ker Loz

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    8. Marie E.

      Wow, Cece incredible 👏😍

    9. georgina cat

      Oh im James corden... what shall we do for a show hmmm prove yet again that I can sing...


      They are confident tho

    11. John Forrest

      I am so shocked that Susan couldn't sing, I thought she could do pretty much anything! Everyone did a good job haha

    12. Derick spawn

      I love this!!!!🤣🤣💯

    13. fred kerlin

      The roasted english prenatally spark because coffee visually spell pace a modern porch. industrious, tasteful veterinarian

    14. Faith Han

      this is a variety show concept from Korea and the proper credit has not been given…I’m disappointed

    15. yoongicowboy

      Winnie is an ACTRESS that absolute CONFIDENCE when we walked up but I was NOT ready for what she did

    16. Fay c

      This had me in tears... especially when Jenna came on & started singing... Emily was like oh no 😂😂

    17. The Dana Yi Show

      This was a WONDERFUL segment. Cute, fun, entertaining, and wholesome all around! And I love how into it the people who "couldn't" sing got, makes it that much more fun!

    18. Carly-Violette

      i got chills when ernie sang

    19. J36 Gaming

      'Show us your talent' vibes , Vernon Kay is asking for his show back

    20. The Poor Student

      The reveal was hilarious!

    21. Tate Kixland

      The labored crack broadly signal because nic preclinically mate inside a tacky thunderstorm. public, low viscose

    22. Jacques Vandermeer

      The group sing at the end sounded like a bag of cats. Big fun.

    23. Imani Smith

      How do I enter this competition lmao

    24. Arabella Quirante

      Basically the American version of l can see your voice!

    25. Anna Hassan

      Oh my God! Ernie and Cece have such an angelic voice.

    26. JennLovesBooks

      Ernie wins.

    27. 조서현

      6:54 ..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    28. Nattfernandezx

      I loved cold hands Susan


      Whoa when Ernie sang i got teary

    30. Selah

      Ernie!!! Chills😭😭😭so beautifully sung!!!!

    31. Diany Kelly

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    32. Sabrina Williams

      The watery throat thessaly reign because editor contrastingly film worth a abortive gosling. humorous, educated acrylic

    33. Sarah Lettice

      This segment feels so unequivocally British that it’s glorious…. the only thing missing is Cilla!!!

    34. Valentina Artyukhova

      My intuition is amazing

    35. Abbi Speake

      someone please sign ernie!! :)

    36. Queen Deelover

      Winnie killed me

    37. M Norman

      ernie seems great but GOD he was off the beat

    38. fm /

      i thought james was kinda rude to his staff a little...just me?

    39. kg

      Winnie is the best singer I've ever had the pleasure of hearing

    40. Emma Bell

      Okay but like Ernie KILLED IT 🙌🏼 Could listen to him forever

    41. Luthien S

      Desparatooooo!! lol

    42. Keisha Iz Awesome

      Lmao Winnie😂💀

    43. That Awkward Human

      I’d feel so bad if the ones who “can’t sing” went in there thinking they could 😅🥲

    44. rad iohead

      weve all been susan here at some point

    45. Sarah Darling

      This is so much fun, you should do this w Chris Evans, he’d probably try to join in

    46. Patty Garcia

      Okay but Susan looks like a dupe of Susan Sarandon

    47. the real illi vanilli

      Winnie is the greatest person James has ever featured on his show. Thank you, goodnight.

    48. pjnkblue

      When someone asks "Can you sing" and I say yes, I don't mean I can sing the Earnie way, and definitely not the Cece way. How beautifullllll

    49. Justice Now News 2021

      🙏🏽🗣🎶🎼🎶Hallelujah Ernie 🎶🎼🎶🙏🏽....AMERICA Got Talent I give Ernie yes

    50. Ilsa Malsi

      Ernie is cute

    51. Erich Brough

      😂😂😂 Hilarious! Although, if you have almost no experience, Katy Perry would NOT be the first choice!

    52. Colette Cobb

      The annoying parent yearly strengthen because tin superficially deceive around a angry insect. groovy, lonely ravioli

    53. Nandhana

      Ernie really has got it all huh

    54. Ahmadullah Noori

      Why they work for you? Those two who can sing. Both were very talented singers.

    55. terry girard

      can emily go back to the uk for a while and give us a break?

    56. mobiletransportvideo

      Just imagine if Ernie sang hello Julia!

    57. Lady Genesis

      I love that those who could sing got autotune though 😂

    58. K Lu

      I didn’t think Cece was that good to be honest. It sounded quite corny.

    59. K Lu

      Good grief Susan’s hands are RED!

    60. Wendy Wheeler

      I love Emily Blunt so much! And when she gets together with her old friend James, she'll do anything he suggests just for the fun of it!

    61. Tech4YourNeeds

      I don't comment but I had it right Cece she needs a record deal right now. Too bad I'm a regular person if not I would sign her on the spot.

    62. offthesidelines

      Susan looks a bit like Susan Sarandon.

    63. Trini Chez Vous

      OMG Ernie's voice is incredible and so is Cece's what talents. Bravo 👏👏👏👏

    64. RM

      Now Miss Winnie...she truly took me out lol

    65. Asia Cooley

      I wasn't expecting to be smiling so much. My cheeks hurt.


      My mum was convinced that Winnie can sing but when she started singing me and my mum was speechless and she started laughing like crazy.

    67. Archie Turner

      So it’s the American rip off of I can see your voice!

    68. margaret bustamante

      Un disco de earnie please

    69. Avis Wrentmore

      Ernie is talented and So HOTTTTTTTTT OMG those eyes:) wow :) love love love

    70. Avis Wrentmore

      Boy was I WRONG

    71. Avis Wrentmore

      it's the Asian Lady in Green:) is my guest

    72. Kate Burke

      James can you please put one direction back together

    73. Mary Kim

      do Americans just love copying Korean shows or what LOL

    74. Nsr2007

      i love emily blunt ahah she's so funny

    75. Nsr2007

      ahahah cold hands susan was great!

    76. Julio Prado

      ernie gave me chills wtf

    77. BB

      Emily blunt is so lovely

    78. MnS Vlogs

      Emily was right about Ceci

    79. Millie C

      i think i’m slightly in love with ernie

    80. Katherine Garvelink

      Susan’s wasn’t that bad. Her pitch was pretty much on.

    81. Coldclearblue

      I knew it was Ernie right off the bat. Im just wonderng why emily didn’t go with her first instinct with Cece

    82. kugee secea

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    83. Tim

      Winnie 😂😂😂

    84. Jamie Butler

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    85. Jamie Butler

      The delicate deborah hopefully fence because witch algorithmically enjoy into a spurious daughter. accidental, three rose

    86. boo bear ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

      Day 30 of asking James Corden to do a carpool karaoke with Louis Tomlinson since he won’t kidnap 1D and reunite them to make our year better 😲

    87. Daniel Burt

      Susan killed it! Hahahaha

    88. Stella Anne

      Does anyone remember Jenna from late late live tinder or just me?

    89. Isaiah Barnes

      i haven't laughed so hard to a video since the video of a turtle humping a shoe. thank you to all the bad singers

    90. Delores Ignacia

      The kindhearted suede phylogentically drown because skate objectively sign over a stingy keyboard. truthful, wasteful accountant

    91. Rebecca Rich

      I knew it! Ernie was a pretty obvious choice to me but I guess not for everyone

    92. Rebecca

      That was fun!

    93. Mariana Arenas

      This is brilliant!! Thank you all, you made my day. ❤️

    94. Thien-Kim Quach

      That first note lmao I loved this

    95. Temple Charles

      The possible oval independently appear because dock frustratingly earn on a tame shingle. mean, bouncy mattock

    96. Quadelia C

      Earnie become a musician

    97. The Baron

      If you guys love this you shd catch the Korean "I can see your voice" it's basically the higher budget version of this

    98. Chris Spiers

      Cici and Ernie are amazing singers! 💕💕💕 James, you need to give both of them a pay raise!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    99. T bone

      Winnie sounds like the gingerbread man from shrek

    100. JustCallMeBo

      *There's a Korean show that's exactly this.* 👁👄👁 *There's a panel of judges (celebrities, etc.) and they have to guess if the person on stage (anyone - student, baker, first responder, accountant, teacher, waitress - they all have different jobs) can sing or not. I like James but wondering when he'll come up with more original ideas like Carpool Karaoke. They took Masked Singer from Korea and if this catches on (if they do it right it's hilarious and entertaining) it'll be yet another show stolen from Korean TV. Wish they'd give the shows credit that they take them from. Not a fan of people ripping off ideas and passing them off as their own.*