Can Chelsea Handler Handle a Tarantula?

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    James Corden invites Chelsea Handler to take on a series of challenges testing whether she can *handle* them. Will Chelsea like 10 IG posts on 50 Cent's feed? Will she let a tarantula crawl on her for 10 seconds?!

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    1. Jessica Oppegard

      I love Chelsea

    2. Christian Soriano

      When she said "I have to have sex with him here" the question woulda been "Can Chelsea handle BBC?"😭😭😭

    3. Clayton Derby

      I hope this becomes a recurring segment XD

    4. Maria Vargas

      I love her! 😍

    5. Lara Neville

      Whoever wrote this segment doesn't know Chelsea. It's snakes she's afraid of!

    6. F G

      Is it just me or does James Cordon seem like he hates his job

      1. lunar Jedi

        @F G maybe in a moment as we all do. but overall he seems like he and his crew enjoy themselves. thats why its so fun to watch.

      2. F G

        @lunar Jedi haha I was watching this and just getting "When will this shit be over so I can go home" vibes from him

      3. lunar Jedi

        just you

    7. Brianna Rene

      I hope someone told her that you can just double tap the photo to like it, she can't walk around *tapping the heart like a peasant*

    8. Rida

      Chelsea or Liverpool hahahaha 😂😂

    9. MaineScare

      Oooooh, that tarantula was elusive and made me happy! :)

    10. crystal harris

      Love you James 🤣😂😅

    11. Glyn Taylor


    12. Rosalinda Mendez

      Gorgeous tarantula. I have 50 🖤

      1. Sarah Heetz

        Wow!!!!!! That's incredible!

    13. Xana Santos

      Chelsea handled that tarantula like a boss!

    14. rad iohead

      her uptown girl was very cute. its like me cry drunk singing at 4am

    15. John Smith

      Can tarantula handle disease ridden Chelsea?

    16. Gimmerstrike

      Also it's pride month James. Get someone better than old racist handy.

    17. ♡AngelinaSkye1695♡

      I am so scared of house spiders and always have been but I once held a tarantula after being drunk for 2 days straight and taking ecstasy.

    18. LeezPgh

      This woman is the best

    19. mohin pat

      Very hot for her age.......agreed?

      1. Bryan Cash

        How about just very hot. Would you tell someone they’re very hot for their ethnicity?

    20. Mel D

      She's cool.

    21. Laura K

      Including the crew on this one is top tier!! Always fun to watch Chelsea do anything

    22. Eric Minch

      Even if she could have remembered the lyrics (which she couldn't), the challenge was to *sing* the song, and she quite obviously couldn't do that either. But she put her heart into it and gave it a go, plus she mastered all the other challenges.

    23. Legionario Cruel

      Those legs though...

    24. Satie Satie

      Chelsea is a narcissist and a racist. Luckily she only hates Asians, so let's keep giving her a platform, right, James?😄

    25. Zen Peace

      Love Chelsea's shoes!! She is amazing....up for anything!!

    26. Eliza 1000

      What weird person doesn't double tap when they wanna like in Instagram if that's you you are weird person my fella 😂

    27. TheFultonizer

      Absolutely fucking not wi that spider... Get that tae fuck pronto

    28. Phantom Exploration

      Dam she's really let herself go.

      1. Zen Peace

        Oh? And how do you look? I think she looks great!

    29. Sherry Hesner



      Woww she can handle anything

    31. jamieanderson10

      Thought he said shocking an oyster...slightly disappointed 😉

    32. Brenda Cuellar

      I don’t think she’s unable to NOT do anything. She’s awesome!

      1. Lara Neville

        Well, I know for a fact that she can't sing Uptown Girl from memory

      2. zelmoziggy

        You mean you don't think she's unable to not do nothing.

      3. Adam kouam

        @thefirstun on ROfor

      4. Eric Minch

        I don't think you didn't put too many negatives in there.

    33. Annika Wettle

      James and the crew have such good vibes :)

    34. Shaq from #ShaqTV

      I’m terrified that she wasn’t phased by the tarantula … then called it pretty 🤨🤨

    35. Patricia’s Primer Jardín

      IMO, she can handle anything 😎 she is awesome 👏

    36. theomegared02

      If you can fight any celebrity in a live ppv ...... who would it be?

      1. Huong Pham

      2. Corey

        Ben Afleck

    37. - ʀ ᴏ s ᴇ -

      Holy shit this is 6 mins before.

    38. Davy Thomas

      i see why people hate him...

      1. Jay Johnson


    39. Stephanie Varela


    40. Stephanie Varela


    41. Stephanie Varela


    42. Stephanie Varela


    43. theomegared02

      Jimmy falon doesn't like b celebs

    44. theomegared02

      I head Jimmy Kimmel eats baby turtles

    45. theomegared02

      Cats was a decent movie...I enjoyed

    46. Катерина Таро


    47. theomegared02

      Jake Paul vs. James Corden ...... please

    48. Abbie Smith

    49. theomegared02


    50. ken arya

      So Proud to be the first view

    51. MARIA

      Wow amazing!

    52. angel👼


    53. Raphael Amadeus