Can Andrew Rannells Guess How Much 1980s Items Cost Now?

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    James Corden challenges "Black Monday" star Andrew Rannells to guess the price we paid for items from the 1980s. Does a pair of Pumps cost more than the first "smartphone"?

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    1. Luthien S

      I said more/less exactly as him and I would have lost too. Steve made the game as good as any real game with that music.... should do that every turn.

    2. Ezana

      Am I the only one who never heard of laserdisc, but had VHS?

    3. Connagh stokes

      Honestly thought the phone would of been less 🤣

    4. Andrea Fossati

      Reebok Pump ❤️❤️❤️

    5. demonsnfan

      I'd watch anything with Andrew Rannells, he is someone you just want to be friends with

    6. marlymarz

      Better than Barrymore

    7. Brittany Anderson

      Hahahha who decides 😂😂

    8. Zanna

      Lol...he looked so disappointed to have not won any of that crap! :D

    9. jacky mai

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    10. Nails Chrysanthemum

      Ok listen my brother has that millenium falcoln and I've been trying to get him to let me sell it for AGES. 15 years ago it was worth $300 online. You GUYS. That's more inflation than college. SELL YOUR STAR WARS TOYS.

      1. sari c

        Or you could just keep them to enjoy for youself. It's not like they're gonna depreciate. If they're worth this much now they'll surely be worth even more further down the road when you actually need the money.

    11. LtdEcho


    12. Debbie St Romain

      Good job, Andrew! I missed the old cell phone too. He is so cute and was so good in Boys in the Band!

    13. Anne

      Bring up the energy Andrew, they actually tried on this segment!

    14. Jennifer Bourget

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    15. lexi loch

      Take Bruce Forsyth and The Price is Right, combine with Alan Carr' and Play Your Cards Right, remove the excited audience and you get this...make of it what you will. What's next? Gladiators combined with The Crystal Maze?

    16. EnderZ13

      It's GiF pronounced like, as the creator of it _told us,_ JIF.

    17. Elizabeth Nicole

      I guessed the same things as Andrew did lmao. So I just got the last one wrong as well.

    18. Aaron E

      Interesting to me at least, I thought the answer was less, and if it was how badly I would want to have it.

    19. msul78

      The IBM Simon Personal Communicator is not from the 80s, considered as the first touchscreen smart phone it came out in 1995.

      1. Janet Stoker

        Woaw that the Show didn't "fact-check" kind of amazing✌🏻.

      2. Zanna

        It came out in 1992...the term "smartphone" was coined in 1995.

    20. Al Mona

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    22. cognocere

      Would have made more sense if he were guessing if the price today was more or less than the original '80s retail value

      1. lauren christine

        That's exactly what they did. 🤔

    23. Brian W

      WTF?? who is raising the price of that cell phone, i would not pay 10 bucks, has no wifi..

    24. Aine O Malley

      That was brilliant, omg, great memories of growing up in the 80's 👍😊

    25. H C

      Unlesa that phone connects with a satellite to make calls from anywhere in the world, they got ripped off.

    26. jyu1997

      Who the hell would pay that much for a useless Simon?

    27. Winston Churchill


    28. Tim Sawyer

      Pretty sure they Waaaaaaaaaay over paid for that "cell phone"... They gave someone their fantasy price.. Someone that believes old = valuable.. I don't care how much it cost in the 80's, no way on Earth is it worth $1500 today.. More like $20 and that's pushing it. Old electronics like that just don't retain value, unless we are talking about old tube amps and things like that.. 99.9% of 80's electronics are worth practically nothing today.. Just sayin..

    29. Mohamed Farouk

      Is it me or does he look like Chris Hemsworth's cousin?

    30. Kayla Quinn

      I guessed all the same as Andrew and was very surprised by the phone. Fun game!

      1. Unbox it!

        The IBM Simon was the first phone with touch, some people even call it the first smartphone, many collectors want to have it, because it symbolises a milestone in Tech-history. I don't know a lot about tech, but if you love phones, you have definitely heard about the IBM Simon...

      2. geekishgirl

        I got the sweep as I figure the phone was a proto type and based it on what the original Apple computer now sells for

    31. My name? Idk

      When technology has gone too far it started going backwards

    32. Sara Huang

      What do they do with the items they bought now that the skit is over? Sell them to other people online?

    33. IO Tewks

      Nightmare rendition of getting on a game show, BUT it's the worst game show in history 10/10

    34. danthehitman 1

      Got ripped off on that gameboy, you need to have a word with your team about that!

    35. Ilakkiya Kiritharan

    36. Fraser MacKinnon

      At first I thought that game was more or less than original retail price compared to current market value. Ex. Gameboy sold for $90 in the 80's and was bought for $80 last week therefore it would be less than. The previous item then has little relevance to the current item. Am I being clear as mud?

    37. Mark Lumsley

      He did so well, he could've at least gone home with the Game Boy! :O

    38. Emo to the Extremo

      Andrew Rannells's laugh time stamps: 0:30 1:38 2:43 5:03 enjoy >:D

    39. hhunstad2011

      awesome 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    40. Lil Lol

      When i was kid 2:35

    41. TrueSake

      I'd give a dollar for each one of those items.

    42. Amber Banuelos

      Nick has got to be losing his mind with all these product names being thrown around.

    43. S Wood

      That. was. surprisingly fun. I was in high school in the 1980s.

    44. AJ

      this audience was lacking in passion

      1. Charlotte D

        It's likely just the crew

    45. Lo4nW0LF99

      No way! That phone did not cost that much lol

    46. Dayah99

      A+ for effort from the audience lmao. Jk everyone's on that 8 week grind, mad respect

    47. Mrs. Chick

      Here's an idea if you like epic music. 💡 You need to listen to Mötley Crüe! They are epic and they have the best drummer ever! HE CAN EVEN PLAY UPSIDE DOWN!!! Look up Hooligan's Holiday, Misunderstood, Kickstart My Heart, Dr. Feelgood, Home Sweet Home, Primal Scream, the albums Too Fast For Love, Shout At the Devil, Dr. Feelgood, the self-titled Mötley Crüe, and Tommy's drum solos. You won't regret it.

    48. Dayah99

      Pete: Excuse me?

    49. Clayton Derby

      Oooh James is looking SHARP!! Love the jacket and the brooch. Perfect!

    50. Dermatillomaniac

      Dave's laugh is the best part! IMHO they overpaid for most of these!

    51. papankunci

      glad i watched this =)

    52. Sarah Pelletier

      the video is really good and great the video is really good and great

    53. nLc

      I've been having a GAME BOY!

    54. JackieWarner13

      Can I buy the back to the future laser disc off you guys? I'll give you $10 Australia dollars which cost more then $9.99 American

    55. KamInBim

      I got way more invested in this than I thought I would lol

    56. DublinDude2020

      Game Boy, 80s??

    57. Robert Maeurer

      Who the f--- paid $1,500 for 35 year old technology. You need to get them on for an interview and find out what makes this man or woman tick

    58. DublinDude2020

      Lazer discs were more 90s than 80s?

    59. Fanney47


    60. Jacqueline McGarvie

      I forgot how horrifying Cabbage Patch Dolls looked 😂

    61. Jennifer Kasowicz

      The Zack Morris phone!!

    62. Beth McCreadie

      4:13 andrew's reaction to the slightly sombre chorus of his name lmao

      1. ncnmstuff

        My favorite! I laughed out loud

    63. Anthony Barratt

      Gameboy was 1989 and continued to 2003

      1. Daniel Gregory

        @IO Tewks exactly bad: the memory is clearly starting to fail! (But it was great to not be eating up AA batteries all the time..!😎) Thanks..

      2. IO Tewks

        @Daniel Gregory SP (:

      3. Daniel Gregory

        With Color and SP...😊😊

    64. T Electronix

      4:12 Who says you need a live studio audience for that authentic gameshow energy? 😂

    65. Anthony Barratt

      Bring the 90s items

    66. T Electronix

      Even people who were around at the time......didn't ever use laser discs.

      1. Bronwyn Ashford

        @Charlie Exactly! I had some “special edition”movies with 4 discs! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I was ecstatic when DVDs came out. LOL

      2. Charlie

        @Bronwyn Ashford And imagine trying to watch a 2.5h long movie, you'd have to flip it over once, and then change discs after the second hour. What a waste of good couch potatoing !

      3. Bronwyn Ashford

        I had a huge laser disc collection. Still have quite a few. 😂 It definitely sucked to have to flip the disc over in the middle of the movie.

    67. Tony少 Beauty Inside Out

      That’s a good one

    68. 123haninhk

      Pete, the cameraman 3:00 😳

    69. tylerpurrden

      I'm a simple woman, I see Andrew Rannells, I click

    70. S B

      80’s babies ❤️😎💯

    71. B Brunnin

      More of this game!! MAKE ME FEEL OLD!!!!!!! YAS!!

    72. D'Hotness McAwesome

      It's a good game and all... but where's Alison? I fail to see how this is the "More Alison" I've been pushing for. It's almost like my demands aren't the most important thing...

      1. D'Hotness McAwesome

        @T Electronix INDEED! They'll certainly do something about this shortly. I'll just wait here.

      2. T Electronix

        Something must be done!

    73. Derek's Ho corner 2013

      James cordon more or less Andrew RANN dells Guess game awesomeness job

    74. christopher sharp

      Drew Carey has some competition now.

    75. Monky Dollqueen


    76. Sophie Lee

      Andrew’s laugh just fills me with serotonin I love him so much

      1. Luthien S

        Great laugh, but awkward timing....

      2. Sophie Lee

        @tylerpurrden omg I was literally thinking that when I wrote my comment

      3. tylerpurrden

        He is an absolute treasure 🥰

    77. Alexa Ginn

      James is my favorite Cabbage Patch Kid

    78. Theteenagequeen

      My name is merlyn 😂

    79. Nissi Vlogs

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      1. IO Tewks

        same tbh

    80. 77 Nizzova

      200th like!!!!

    81. Sertrxu

      Who else just loves James 😂😂

    82. betaneptune

      Hey, a working DIGI-COMP II is up for like $600 on ebay. Has a 3-bit register. Cannot make phone calls but you can launch a rocket with it. (See the fine manual online.)

    83. martin johnstone

      What's hilarious is that James nails the British game show vibe.

      1. T Electronix

        Not just 'British game show' but a definite Blankety Blank vibe.

      2. T Electronix

        He grew up on Bob Monkhouse and Bruce Forsyth, it was inevitable.

      3. martin johnstone

        @TravelWell you're making my point for me. Only people who have seen British game show hosts in action will have recognised the tropes.

      4. TravelWell

        Why is it hilarious that he’s good at his job? And what vibes are British other than his accent and the fact you don’t have a bunch of psychotic seals for an audience whooping and clapping after every sentence.

    84. Sherry Hesner


    85. martin johnstone

      If you can, would you please try and remember the FULL name of the guest?

    86. Angel Hxze

      Lol I liked playing along w this. Mad random but I decided to watch and found myself making my own predictions 😭

    87. Daniel Duvalle

      80's? "Even before the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic occurred, the US was mired in a 40-year population health crisis. Since 1980, life expectancy in the US has increasingly fallen behind that of peer countries, culminating in an unprecedented decline in longevity since 2014." doi: 10.1001/jama.2020.26339

      1. Daniel Duvalle

        @TravelWell Thank Reagan.

      2. TravelWell

        OK great, thanks for making everyone so depressed

    88. Nicole Cilento

      I definitely enjoyed playing along lol. You need to do more of them!!! And the 90's too!!!!

      1. kodguerrero

        One with paper stocks from the 30's or 40's would be cool too

    89. stupididiot21

      I had a mini cabbage patch doll.

    90. Michael Spears Jr.

      Hi. James how do I take part in the Late Night show💯💯🔥🔥👏🙏🙏

      1. Michael Spears Jr.

        @Loai Nidal thanks so much ey💫💫

      2. Michael Spears Jr.

        @TravelWell hahahaha 😂😂😂

      3. Loai Nidal

        IDK actually but try to find them in linkedin or go to that CBS building in LA

      4. TravelWell

        Apply for a job

    91. Thanh Mai

      That game boy is priceless 😎🤠

      1. radtech21

        I thought it would cost MUCH more. A lot of people collect them.

      2. g mun22

        I'm in my 30s, my mum's in her 60s. She still has my original Gameboy- that exact one - with Tetris & it still works. She plays more on her iPhone now, but every now & then... Talk about value for money 😅😂.

    92. Orbit

      Noti Gang!

    93. stayhappylittle mermaid

      Life is a journey, find the right path.

    94. ꧁༺𝙹𝚞𝚡𝚔𝚙𝚊𝚛𝚡𝚔༻꧂

      Wowwww, this beautiful🙃 jijiji

    95. Hiraeth

      Why did I click the notification.....

      1. Hiraeth

        @IO Tewks Why did i wake up just to see this reply....

      2. IO Tewks

        @Hiraeth Why did i reply to this reply to that reply to that comment...

      3. Daniel Gregory

        Because it was James!!

      4. Hiraeth

        @OuZi Why did u reply...

      5. OuZi

        Why did you comment.....

    96. julian xavier

      Soy dora

    97. dewi fortuna wati

      Hiii everyone

    98. bolvi56

      This is so cool

    99. Isis Becerra

      Oh aburrete

    100. Devin Alonso