Bringing You Day-Old News, First Thing in the AM - Corden Catch-Up

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    Some of our favorite monologue moments from the week of May 24th, including some spot-on "Mare of Easttown" impressions, a plea to get Ian an upgraded hotel room for his holiday weekend, and the revelation that two members of our band moonlight in another band... called Penix.

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    1. SLM SLM

      James... Why dont u invite niall and ann marie to perform our song

    2. _the.blessed.lilliput_

      James is literally that Topper of the class Who is simply good in everything I really don't know how on the Earth he manages all these things like he knows all Singers, their Songs; Actors, their movies roles and personal lives, Prince nd God knows wht else

    3. Rajni Yadav

      Come-on James invite Niall and Ann Marie 🌚

    4. Jia Kaur

      Good now, one direction

    5. MadMadamMim

      if yall don't post a video rtfn smgdh

    6. Sam Sam

      James where R U ?

    7. Raghads direction


    8. skolex33

      Time is running out James

    9. Wildlife Show

      I really like watching all videos that upload because while I watch make me happy and laughing

    10. TikTok Digest ✔

      Best of Khaby Lame TikToks :

    11. Anton Nurwald

      D'you know wha' I mean?

    12. Rabbit Trooper

      I think he Just patronises to the public. What's popular? He does it.

    13. Max Bourne

      Don't kidnap one direction just do one show with them please if you cannot do the show kidnap one direction you have already kidnapped Jonas brothers once do you can kidnap one direction. Not a big deal yes James so go ahead.

    14. Amy Roger

      James, may I politely ask you WHY you have not invited Harry Styles to do a riff of with you????? HMM.... I NEED THAT NOW!!!! thank you>!!

    15. Russell Russell

    16. Read this


    17. Saanvi Punita Chhabra

      Pls do Zayn next James!!!

    18. Alanah Chambers

      Hi James, so I would love to do on yourself and we Harry Styles like he's my I love him, ok, there is no words to explain how much I love him b t w. My favorite song hands down is sign of the time

    19. Savannah Horsley

      So I have a plan it has nothing to do with this video butttttttt it has everything to do with ONE DIRECTION so here it is , on a live the other day Liam said that they all need to get into a room and you (James) should get all of them to come on the show on the same day butt you don't tell them that the other ones are coming to. (Dose that make sense?) And then boom there's a reunion that was only slightly forced.

    20. eli

      James you should get Harry on the show and have him react to old videos of him on tour 😩

    21. Glyph Careers

      The barbarous family microscopically land because salmon evocatively drag atop a hallowed step-mother. delicious, faithful smile

    22. Johanna Döffinger

      ... Cool but could you now kidnap one direction and bring them back together please?

    23. DiamondGold&Silver


    24. hey its ola

      binge watching james' yt is the most amazing thing I've chosen to do

    25. hey its ola


    26. Joe Hartley

      The old James corden was better when he was smithy now he's pissed off to america and forgot about England

    27. Calm

      Bring eminem in carpool karaoke please..

    28. G G

      What happened to the full everyday monologue? This is so depressing. I laugh my a$$ off.

    29. Nicole Marie

      i need a cruise updateeeee 😩😩

    30. Carrie Johnson

      Why no shows on ROfor this week?

    31. Bruce Wayne


      1. Bruce Wayne

        I did "catch" the reference

    32. Sukhjinder Kaur

      All ur videos r cool but we need a ONE DIRECTION REUNION ( Don't mind my spellings 😁)

    33. Júlia Chahoud

      Pls call Olivia Rodrigo for the Carpool Karaoke!!

    34. Anne

      Did they take the whole week off?

    35. Ladan Weheliye

      When is the show airing again? It’s part of my morning routine to watch these clips, the absence is messing with it. Helloooooooo

      1. Ladan Weheliye

        It was on Monday but not the rest of the week. Very strange.

      2. Carol Freitas

        right??? where did they go? Is it a bank hollyday in america whats going on?

    36. alphonse peter x business & lifestyle

      🔥🔥🔥 😀😀😀😀😀😀

    37. Kate Burke

      Lol how about getting 1d back together already

    38. Mely

      bts butter😭🙏🏻

    39. sweiland75

      For those of us without television to watch the show live, it's difficult to stay caught up when you don't upload, every weekday.

    40. Rebecca

      am I the only one wondering where the corden crew is??! I thought they were only taking Monday off but I guess they're off all week. be safe we need y'all back soon!

      1. Weird NotLame

        Nope; I keep thinking the ROfor algorithm is messed up, but no videos yet 😔😭😭

    41. Emery Hartman

      Whens larry coming out

    42. angela piccolella

      Is it me or are the late night shows putting out less and less ROfor content recently?

    43. Duchessof St.Andrew

      Are you guys on Holidays???

    44. Mark Orchard

      Superb Mr. Corden. Just stop it with the WW ads.... NO!!!!!

    45. Peeka Xu

      NOT looking forward to the audience being back...I LOVE this format BETTER...i shall miss it dearly😟😟

    46. B. R.J.

      GOTTA LOVE MY LEO TWIN BROTHA FROM ANUTHA 🙌💕🌈👋🥂🎉💯💃 Loveeeeee ya JAMESY💋💋💋 Fave+ Ellen, ha😘

    47. sandra setin


    48. Samira

      is the show having a week off? :(

    49. Ptx fan jjtime fan and other people Ptx lover

      Can we get a carpooling karaoke with pentatonix please

    50. Stefanus Andrew

      We Miss the Carpool Karaoke 🥺

    51. Andrew White

      Penix...perfect band name.

    52. Andrew White

      Mask looks like it doubles as sexy man underwear...

    53. SrJackquito

      Wonder how it went with Ian at the Kimpton hotel 🤔 🤣🤣 Update please!

    54. Sandi McKenna

      I had knee surgery and had a medical staple on my knee. My husband and I were sound asleep when I rolled over, screamed bloodly murder My poor husband bounded out of the bed , in full on fighting mode, and I laughed and cried at the same time. The staple beats Legos everytime on the pain meter!

      1. Anne

        Aww sorry your leg is hurting is excruciating Sandi :/ have they given you anything for the pain?

    55. Иван Иванов

      Hi guys. Your analyst seems to think that the Russia-US summit will not be useful. Because Biden is not very good at serving US interests. Joe Biden sacrificed US interests for the sake of Vladimir Putin and turned into an "errand boy" for the Kremlin, said American analyst Tom Rogan. "We see Biden groveling in front of Putin," he wrote in an article for the Washington Examiner. Maybe then we will cancel the summit? Why is it needed if it will not be useful? Let the diplomats talk then. They speak the diplomatic language and will be able to agree in the interests of the countries. What do you think? ☺️✌️

    56. PITERSON 7


    57. Maritta salhas

      😂😂I been trying to stop watching for a week cause I’m always late at work for watching it in the morning so ...My name is Maritta and I’m addicted to the Late X 2 show I’m calling sick so I can watch the week I missed 😂😂😂

    58. Diya Gigi

      Me thinking of "made in the AM" reading the title.

    59. Linda Yorkey Hall

      Stay at the Santa Barbara Madonna Inn hotel that place is gorgeous

      1. Linda Yorkey Hall

        Or it might be in San Luis Obispo. They have golfing massages awesome place to eat their own bakery a really cool prime rib and lobster place on the premises you can get massages every room is different

    60. Linda Yorkey Hall

      Stay at The Madonna Inn in Santa Barbara it’s awesome

    61. Erin

      PENIX needs to perform!!!

    62. Ernesto Ortiz

      Play back carpool 😂😂😂🤣

    63. Nazli Gul

      Why did they suddenly drop the cruise thing though?

    64. Chris Spiers

      Definitely going follow the Band “Penix”! James, you and your Staff are hilarious! 😂😂😂

    65. Christopher Bedford

      Ian's "Philly" (or whatever it was supposed to be) accent sounded more like a very poor Australian than anything from the N American continent

    66. Komal Kaushal

      Papa mochi armys are waiting.....and you know for what we are waiting for..

    67. SkiYaLater

      Was Nick a fixture on set prior to COVID and now subjected to realities related to no audience?

    68. SkiYaLater

      Truly missing the FOG HORN James 🚢

    69. Tracey Sumner

      How am I going go the summer without this.

    70. knightshade71

      Looking good in the blue textured suit, Corden.

    71. boo bear ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

      Day 29 of asking James Corden to do a carpool karaoke with Louis Tomlinson since he won’t kidnap 1D and reunite them to make our year better (I missed a day) 😔









    76. Samya.the.Author

      Those of you who didn’t hear, the canary came through for Ian with all his requests.

      1. Le Lurve

        is that also why there's no uploads after that vid this week?

    77. Lucy Garner

      5:09 talking about how he got the Jonas brothers back, And look what happened there flying I mean what about one direction:))) At least for an interview ✌️💕

    78. Annelise Larin

      I love how inclusive James's show is. It's lovely to hear from the staff. James, you make the show refreshing. Have a good day Papa Mochi!

    79. Manar Almousawi

      the first thing that came to my mind was made in the a.m.

    80. Kariné Poghosyan

      Well this was a looooooong weekend ...but we are all here patiently waiting 🙏🏻🙏🏻☺️☺️☺️. looking forward to Ian’s Canary update & more news jingles from the founding Penix Steven🎶🎶🎹!!!

      1. Kariné Poghosyan

        @TheChillindude44 well that’s unfortunate, to quote James 🤣 oh well, you can’t blame them for needing a break!!! We will just have to be a little more patient ☺️🙏🏻 #finsup

      2. TheChillindude44

        It's going to be longer as there aren't any shows this week

    81. Erica Henderson

      Nick kills me. James and crew 👏 great week. Excited for tonight.

    82. Jo DeBerry

      What the fuck is that background music!

    83. Tuti Fruti

      Penix rising 😂😂🤣😎

    84. hi你好hola안녕bonjour

      Off topic, but James Has lost weight and looks so good! If that is weight watchers, he is a good advertiser

      1. Zahra زهراء

        I don’t really notice it

      2. Delman Pronto

        bill maher is being proved right.

      3. Carol Freitas

        ian too

    85. Frog Love

      Nick should take off the mask. I'ld pay to see his cute smile again. :D

    86. Meg H

      I totally watch in the morning

    87. EnoTech

      Why do I find the recaps so hard to watch with the backtrack music playing? :( It breaks my brain

      1. Jo DeBerry

        Same I hate it

    88. hyderized hyder

      Bring back 20 minute open.

    89. mildred

      I can't believe how much I look forward this these videos.. love Corden and team. PS: I miss takes with Margaret and Malcom.

    90. yi chen

      U ass ?!

    91. Will Carter

      When are we getting Bernstein-only segments like the Bern Zone where Nick can give all his hot takes on the wwek, or you could have Berner phone where James gets to go through all the photos on Nick’s phone? Or Woodward and Bernstein where Bob Woodward just interviews Nick Bernstein? Bernout where we just watch clips of Nick sighing at Ian and James?

      1. Will Carter

        @Samya.the.Author See, CBS? This is what the people want!

      2. Samya.the.Author

        Underrated comment alert🔔

    92. yi chen

      Steal my baby’s foood?’ 🤪

    93. Tjietra Ghogli

      Hi l Love you You Can Be The Next Benny Hill Right now i am watching Crosswalk the musical: Les Miserables Love it!!!!❤

    94. True Crime Queen TV

      Love your videos! Very well produced. Stay safe everyone 🙏🏾❤️😍

    95. Debra Helmlinger

      James looks good but Ian looks great!

    96. Jimin

      Pappa mochi😄

    97. Irene Del

      I love Nick's hair, James would you let your hair grow?

    98. Sarah Pelletier

      The Video is really good and great

    99. Queen Dragon

      I understand the news better with your sense of humor😁

    100. LLEBB KISH

      I've never laughed and cringed at the same time so hard like during James' mimick of the guy!!! 😂😂