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  1. Henrique Oliver

    She is really underrated

  2. Tadas Tadux

    14:45 Spoiler Alert

  3. 황찬명

    아주 잘봤습니다.

  4. Mai Vançon

    She looks so tiny with that jacket on. 😂

  5. Janet Stoker

    Oh my goodness!!👏🏻👏🏻 I was going to Google for a pic of Nick "pre-covid". To see what his hair/look been like....before he let his lushes 😍 curls grow out. Can't believe it's the same guy!!!😳😆 He must be one of the few men who's look improved during 2020's Pandemic!!👌🏻

  6. Debora Steiner

    Anyone can have testicular fortitude BUT no one comes close to Cher She basically called the bluff of an international ass hat

  7. Garrett Mahady

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  8. Shafiq Ash


  9. Saisha Sings

    He is literally screaming over her voice 🤦🏻‍♀️like dude lets hear her


    James being a Larry: 3:58 "we're still young" James **smiles in a Larry way**

  11. Ben wilson

    The end of this video disturbed me a little. I thought james would never acknowledge the double but he actually did, but Katie on the other end, didn't even look at the woman and to my surprise, she actually asked James if he was okay. Pathetic

  12. adxl_gamerss

    Hi future me! Hru? I last watched this 4 years ago. How many years ago was this comment? 😁 Hope u havin a good dayy ❤️❤️

  13. Official TeenWocKeez

    racks...just racks

  14. Go Boen Kwang


  15. Ade Ely

    Its so funny on 2021

  16. Varshaa

    9:08 Its liam and on the door its written in hindi which means bathroom😂

  17. Lauren Laass

    I’m glad to see that the top comments are about Aaron being groomed. That needs to be discussed.

  18. Go Boen Kwang

    4:10 - 4:15

  19. Random Name

    Terrible outfit.

  20. Jizoku Teki


  21. Dillon Bedney

    BEYOND disturbing. So sick of all of this propaganda. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  22. Go Boen Kwang


  23. Jahnavi Charag

    I am sure, You came here for this 8:09

  24. Garrett Mahady

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  25. Mazen Gawish

    That's one drunken fun family 😂

  26. Go Boen Kwang


  27. Nick Thickboy

    Justin Bieber sucks

  28. brie sullivan

    Nick with straight hair is really rocking a 90s Jennifer Aniston 'do!

  29. Brayan Miguel Perez Liquidano

    The short division ophthalmoscopically launch because tv routinely stay through a awful biology. lively, absorbing tree

  30. Meredith Parker

    He is 1000% more attractive now with glasses and white hair than he was 20 years ago.

  31. _video_world official

    wow i mean i loved when he said yummy yummy waw i mean right?

  32. Soto Kar

    Love her so much! ❤❤❤

  33. joneslaakso

    What a cringefest. Courtney Cox looks like a 100 year old corpse, and she is really like 60. Stop doing what you are doing Cox.

  34. Makspeyn del Valle - Moon


  35. Alita Leavitt

    Ian karmel! (Sp?) I would love to meet you next time you are in Portland! I enjoy the rose city t shirt!

  36. Usman Nasser

    who else watching this like 6 yrs later because you miss them

  37. Hard Boiled Mahoney

    Grocery store interactions...I used to babysit a little girl, around 5 years old. I'd take her grocery shopping, I didn't know or interact with anyone. But that 5 year old...everyone knew her. They'd stop and make bla bla with her. She knew everybody! I felt so...inadequate. :P

  38. Usman Nasser

    if James rapped in that song that would have made it better

  39. あかさたな

    omg! sia is love!!!

  40. jana 123

    James: I'm not gonna brag I have their phone numbers Me in my room: JAMESSSSSS YOU DID BRAG

  41. Shylo Howard

    I had trouble listening to my parents. So how could I ever listen to these no buddy. Puppets

  42. DirtbikerPlay11

    Nail was there tho whole time Harry got the tat

  43. Katrina Montgomery

    Soooooo gross

  44. Simon Clarke

    James is truly hated in Britain for shit like this

  45. Claudia Vega


  46. meme GOD

    what the hell is she wearing? Looks bulletproof 🤣🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  47. ᴘʀɪʏᴀ

    Tae and jisso did the same 👀😅

  48. brie sullivan

    I'm so happy this was a return to "pandemic vibe" of the opening. 🙌🏻 So so good, I loved this one!

  49. Sabri

    the outfit i love it

  50. brie sullivan

    You know it's off the rails when Steve asks, "What is happening?" 😄 Nick Bernstein, def don't cut your hair off! It looks great!

  51. Sabri

    lizzies laugh is everything

  52. Orin X

    Lizzie with that suit though, she looks so good. 😍

  53. Sabri


  54. Sabri

    I LOVE U LIZZIE 😭😭😭😭😭

  55. Sabri


  56. Sabri


  57. ᴘʀɪʏᴀ

    1:20 🤣🤣🤣

  58. Saroj Sami

    They are amazing

  59. JSP

    The switching gears move is from Russ Millions

  60. Claudiia Revelo

    Te lo resumo no más Presente ❤

  61. PHV

    YOU'RE A SHUNT - and you're GOING DOWN along with your DS friends... 👋 bye

  62. Gabe Minor

    I love Arnold so much. He's definitely my favorite actor ever.

  63. Amy Anna

    Lmao, love this! Thx for the catch-up James :)

  64. Moab Morais

    Omg Disney😁💙💛

  65. dancing_ queen

    😂Enjoyed the interview JC

  66. Saroj Sami

    Rosè is fire

  67. Rachael Parsons-Edwards

    I love Mochi ❤

  68. Random Commenter The 5th

    First we have the lamb sauce... The aftermath? A IDIOT SANDWICH

  69. kim stanley

    This is racists and beyond stupid!

  70. Aditya Siva

    Why didn't JOEY share his Food ?

  71. Bryan C

    He's always dressed really awesome, no joke, but I think he could use a new suit in "springtime penis". 😂

  72. _miara_

    louis definitely made harry sleep on the couch that night for the avacado thing

  73. H i

    Can you use straightenin in a sentence

  74. Rudolph de Rainbow

    Imagine going to James Corden's show and ended up seeing fucking Brian May and Roger Taylor instead...... I would probably pass out but that's not the point

  75. Fate's toy

    940 367

  76. Raphael Augustine L. Gascon

    M I G O S! 🔥💯

  77. James enriquez

    Its like a concert

  78. Shatikka Perry

    “There go a rocket it’s Take in it” BAR! 🤣